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Monica Todd

Hi I’m interested in job vacancies opening up in the near future, and am available for work in approx 8 months. Prefer on-call/part-time work to start, then a move to full-time. I’m friendly, considerate, practical and a logical/analytical/creative thinker. Want to sit my TMO-P (Traffic control) practical to become fully qualified for this work. Hold a current TMO-NP (Non-Practicing) ticket and worked as a Traffic Controller during 2018. Hold a current C.O.A. for Security work, and have a full Class 1 driver’s licence. I’m interested and experienced in most of the following roles: 1. TMO (TC);         2. Collections Assistant/Researcher/Visitor Host/Exhibition Planner – (Museums), or Heritage House/Visitor Information Centre roles; 3. Retail/ Merchandiser/Food-Wine Taster.

I can drive petrol automatics and *diesel manuals. Listening to the motor in a diesel manual helps me to know when to change gears. This can be more difficult for me in a petrol manual, as the changing of gears is more physical – than *aural due to the motor being more quiet. Even though I have driven petrol manuals previously, I will need some more practice to obtain proficiency! *Please note, I don’t have any major hearing issues. If you require further details or would like to set up an interview, please contact me. Thank you.


December, 2021

TMO-NP Traffic Management Operative - Non Practicing at McAdams, Hamilton

Attended a one day course for this. I am still to be assessed for a TMO-P practical – then I will be fully qualified to work as a TMO. First qualified with a TC 1 in 2018, and also started Traffic Control work – (Refer to my last Education listing below for further details regarding my TC 1).


National Certificate in Museum Practice (Level 400) at A.T.T.T.O

For this qualification I studied compulsorary units and also was able to choose some of my own electives. Two of the units I studied were Visitor Hosting and Security in Museums. However, there were a number of other unit subjects studied.

2010 - 2011

National Certificate in Security - Levels 2 & 3 with Site Security Endorsement at W.I.N.T.E.C

I worked in security for approximately 10 years. Most of my work was on-call casual or Fixed Term. The National Certificate in Security gave me a good understanding of the Security industry and covered the subject areas of: Communicating with the public and with people from different cultures, fitness, Fire and Hazard safety, Control and Restraint (Use of Force). There were also other subject areas studied.

2007 - 2009

BA History - Screen & Media Studies at University of Waikato

I studied New Zealand History and the history of some International countries. This qualification gave me a good grounding and understanding of the importance of history, and the relevance it can have to the people of today.

I believe it is important that people know where they originate or come from – as the knowledge it generates can strengthen the stability of one’s identity, spark curiosity and bring inspiration into our lives.

March 2018

TC 1 (Traffic Control) at Traffic Management NZ (Hamilton)

Attended a one day course for this. The TC 1 has recently been replaced with a TTM (Temporary Traffic Management) qualification. I did not need to sit the TTM as I had previously obtained a TC 1, and had also worked as a Traffic Controller. This meant I could do the next course, the TMO-NP that follows after the TTM. (Refer to the first listing of my education details above, regarding the TMO-NP course).

  • Construction & roading, Customer service, Hospitality & tourism, Other, Retail
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