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Kim Standfield


Medical transcriptionist, using Winscribe/Soprano worked/working for DHB, Services cover oncology, gastroenterology, Sleep Service, Ophthalmology, Allied Health, Reablement, Older Peoples Health


I am working as a Medical Transcriptionist. Using winscribe/concerto/soprano. Services I cover are: Oncology, Older Peoples Health, Reablement, Gastroenterology, Paed Gastroenterology. Sleep Service, Allied Health, Ophthalmology I have been remotely teleworking in this position for 20 months, prior to that working at Greenlane Clinical Centre, (Covid happened and we were sent home to work) – so in total working just under 7 years in this position. I was also the H&S rep for this department for 18 months in 2015.I am currently awaiting to hear from the ADHB with regards to my  position as a medical transcriptionist

I worked as an area manager for a fuel company, having the responsibility of 30 service stations around Auckland, East coast of North Island, Wellington. I held this position for 7 years.

I have worked as a business trainer for Consumer Link for two years.

I worked as a real estate person for 10 years whilst bringing up my three sons.

What next?

Due to the ADHB deciding that even though I was home based, they wanted to stand me down, I am awaiting their thoughts.

I am open to any opportunities. As you can see from the above I have had varied occupations. All of which have allowed me to learn and grow.


2008 - 2014

Area Manager at Gasoline Alley

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