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Kevin Russell Ewing


Apprenticeship or entry level with career progression.

Nelson or south island depending on the job


I was forced out of a really good job at wellington port (centreport) due to my choice about vaccination. I managed to get full time work at a greenhouse down in Nelson; but this pays bare minimum. I feel almost hopeless in this current situation but finding this website has given me hope!

I’m looking for a job where I can get my head down and settle in for a good 10-20 years. I don’t expect a huge pay rate, especially starting out, but I hope to be able to progress upwards so I can achieve financial goals instead of stagnating and just surviving.

My biggest and main financial goal is to start my own homestead and become as self dependent as possible.

I’m single with no dependents which puts me in a strong position to be able to relocate on a dime, work any hours and anywhere. You’ll see from my CV that I’ve done just that.

I’m open to almost any job out there that’s ticks the boxes I’ve mentioned above.  An apprenticeship would be excellent; I know that there is a big shortage of people doing refrigeration and air conditioning. I’m open to part time study towards qualifications as needed. I’m also happy with a relatively simple job, again, as long it ticks the boxes above; I’ll be happy and content 🙂

I hope I’ve covered off enough for you to consider me as your employee. Please feel free to contact me if you want to chat or ask more questions. All of my technical information and work history is in my CV.





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