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Heather Oakshott


Homehelp/ nanny work, any practical help

Auckland or south Auckland

I am a 61 year young woman, who has a love to support people and anyone needing practical support. I have been a nanny support person for many years now.This includes many practical support jobs.

Im very down to earth and honest, respectful and caring.

Sadly due to the no jab no job mandate my nanny/family support job is finishing at the end of this year.

I have been with this family for 6yrs now and am devastated at it ending.


I have some great references from other families who I worked for before my current job and I will have a reference from my current job soon.



November 2016. Finishing 17.12.2021

Nanny at Nanny/ Home support

Only finishing because of no jab no job mandate
Am happy to send cv if needed

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